Images of the Great (Dohány Street) Synagogue in (Buda)pest, Hungary, made in Summer 2001 and Spring 2010.

This IMAGEKIND fine art site is a place where a fine giclée print of any available image, photography or painting, on paper or canvas, may be ordered at up to poster size, framed and matted in many different combos ready to go, or just by itself. My preferred paper recommendation is Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art. It costs more, but is very thick and super-archival. Somewhere on this site an Imagekind artist is ready and willing to supply all your needs for art, whether for your home, your office or as gifts for your friends and relatives. (Very many images, including almost all of mine, may also be ordered in Greeting Card form. This is a good way of seeing an image printed without spending a lot of money.)

Whoever does your matting and framing, the materials including the backing should be at least of conservation grade, preferably of 100% rag i.e. cotton.

Hang your print well away from moisture, fumes, heat-sources and UV-rich light, e.g. the sun, strong spotlights and fluorescents.The glazing should be anti-UV, to maximize the life of the print. Acrylic plexiglass as offered here on Imagekind which is not explicitly anti-UV screens out 80%. This is more UV protection than plain glass affords. Anti-UV plexi screens out 99%. You should be aware that non-glare glass or plexi increase visibility but reduce contrast.

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